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  • Hi, I'm Anne and I'm Chair of the Birmingham Parent Carers Forum in the West Mids. We are hoping that all the smaller local Parent Carer Support Groups in our City will get in touch with us to form one big network. This means that we can better represent your views to the Local Authority. Most areas have a Parent Carer Forum, I'd advise all groups to make contact with theirs!

  • Welcome AnneBarnes - great to have you on board. Let us know if there is anything we can do or develop within the community to make it easier for you and the forum to use.
    Take good care
    Alex (CAF mod)

  • Hi I'm Lucy Ellis chair of Lancashire Parent Carer Forum. I run support groups in North Lancashire and sit on various boards and forums to help shape the future of services that affect families in the local area as well as across the county.
    Looking forward to seeing how this develops.
    Well done CAF!

  • Chris_ContactChris_Contact Community Manager

    Hi @mum23boys - welcome! Do your support groups have an online presence at the moment - it would be great to be able to share those links if so? Do let us know any ways that you think this group/site could be helpful for you - we want to develop in a flexible way based on what people would find most useful.
    All the best
    Alex (CAF mod)

  • Hi I'm Claire, my daughter Lottie had a stroke a year ago age 3 I've set up Lotties Way to raise awareness that KIds have strokes too were on Facebook,Twitter and Instagram

  • Chris_ContactChris_Contact Community Manager

    Hi @lottiesway, welcome! Do let us know if we can help you in any way - this is a new community and we're open to suggestions.

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