Learning difficulties due to epilepsy

Hello are there any parents out there whos child has developmental/learning difficulties due to epilepsy? My son has just started school he is 5 and he is at the developmental age of a 2 year old I have no clue how to deal with this problem or how to help him improve. I wanted some advice or shared experiences?


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    Hi Holly, welcome to the community! You've found us a little early - we haven't officially launched yet (it's been a bit delayed!). Hopefully you'll see more people online next week and find some more answers.
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    Holly. My son is 4. He has epilepsy, speech delay and learning difficulties. I'm finding it hard just now. He has started school and has bitten on teo occasions. He is working at a 2yr old level. I am finding it hard to digest it all.

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    Hi and welcome @noonegetsit. I see you've already joined our Epilepsy group - have you thought about posting in there, too?

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