My 11 year old son suffers with this. He was diagnosed in october but has suffered with episodes since the age of 4.


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    Hi Rz1975
    You've found our community slightly too early - we are soft launching next week and launching for everyone the week after. Your friend might find it helpful to have a look on the community next week - you may be able to get more support and answers there then. It could be a good idea to have a look at the condition groups and join the relevant one - then you'll be around when others join and can connect that way.
    Take good care,
    Alex (CAF mod)

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    Good Evening. I am a disabled mom of 3 my eldest daughter is 23 and has moved out, my middle child is away at University and my youngest is my 13 year old son.. He has Dyspraxia dyscalcula dyscalcula and Sensory Dysfunction... I have been fighting for years and years to get the appropriate help at school for my son... I really think if the senco gets a message to say I have called , she will rip the note up so as not to deal with me xx But I still fight on

  • Hi Jules,

    I am having the same problems with the SENCo at my 11 year old son's school.

    A referral for an assessment of Dyspraxia was supposed to be made 4 years ago. The school never put the referral in despite me reminding them continually. In the end, we managed to put the referral in ourselves. He now has a diagnosis of Dyspraxia. We are livid!

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    Hi @jules and @nickmc73

    Sorry to hear you have both had difficulties with school and getting the right support for your children.

    It might help to post in our Education, Health and Care topic area as you may get more responses and
    suggestions from other parents here.

    Our website has some helpful information outlining what schools have to do legally to offer support to children and young people with additional needs

    You could also give one of our Education advisers on our freephone helpline a call for advice on the support school
    should be providing and what you can do if you feel your concerns are not being addressed. Give them a call on 0808 808 3555 and press 1.

    Hope this helps and you can both get the support you need

    Take care


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