sotos sydrome

hi i have a son with sotos and would like to talk to other people in this position


  • Hi my son has sotos he is 2 years old

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    Hi @pogdog24 and @roxy88 - it might also be helpful for you to join this group - - it's pretty quiet at the moment but we are going to be adding more links and info - and it means that any new parents of children with sotos who join the community will be able to find and link up with you.
    Alex (CAF mod)

  • hi roxy my son is 34 years old so i will probably be of some help to you.the first thing to know is that the children with sotos improve with age .at 5 years old we thought ian would never talk but now you would nt know he ever had a problem.he is still living at home but we are looking at assisted living which is going to be a long process as he doesnt want to leave us.if you have any questions please let me know and i will try to answer pogdog

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