Hi all, just looking for some straight talking answers to clarify some confusion if possible.
Can someone please explain to me what the difference is in being assessed by the SEND team rather than an educational psychologist? I understand the role of the ed psych as i work in family support but in my defence know little about the SEN process as I don't specialise in this area.
My daughter has recently been diagnosed through CAMHS as having dyspraxia and ASD. We are awaiting an appointment with the paediatrician. School would like to complete a SEND assessment but we have been waiting over 12 months now. What is the process with this and why the wait? Can anybody help with this? Thanks in advance. Xx


  • No answers here I'm afraid, but good luck with it all. There seem to be so many different professionals and many of them under so much pressure with work loads...

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    Hi @cazgof - we have lots of information on our website about the SEND process and EHC assessments
    An education adviser on the helpline could also help - call the helpline and press 1 to speak to an education adviser.
    Hope this helps a little,
    Take good care,
    Alex (CAF mod)

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    I have a daughter with Dyspraxia and ADD. The Ed Psych would be part of the assessment towards getting your EHCP and then once all the evidence is produced, work on getting your draft EHCP assessed by the Local Authority SEND Team. I don't know which Local Authority you live in, I'm in the SW but all LAs have to have a SEND support (SENDIAS) independent support working independently to help you work through the plan. CAF's Education Advisors on the helpline can also help signpost you to your local SENDIAS organisation. Good luck Sarah x

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