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What one piece of advice would you share with other families?

Contact a Family wants to hear your number one, must-have piece of advice you’d share with other parents you meet for the first time or who are in crisis.

From practical advice like ‘don’t forget to claim Disability Living Allowance to the simple ‘grab a cuppa and take a deep breath – it may feel overwhelming but you CAN do this’ what’s your top tip for other families?

Contact a Family wants to compile a list of your top tips so they can share them with other families. If you would like to help please share your pearls of wisdom here.

Thank you!

Alex (CAF mod)


  • Make sure your voice is always heard! Sometimes people don't listen to your concerns. Shout louder!!

  • kjbkjb Member

    Count to ten. Pick your battles. It's mum that ends up having the meltdowns as the little chap is oblivious as he's not being naughty just processing things in a different way. I am still working on my own advice !!!

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