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Gdd advice n experience

I have a 7 yr old son with gdd would welcome any advice any1 has on this and there experience as he seems to be getting worse and no progress delay age of 4


  • Hi nicola

    My son is also 7, he cant keep up with peers as far as what i keep trying to say is that a snap shot 10min appt does not lead to a supporting outcome report, yet with all disabilities its down to sustainability!! Can they do what peers are as often as they are or expected!!
    Reubs is two years behind at school, peers struggle to understand him, still dribbles perfusely yet i just keep hearing his happy and coping- but thats not enough is it. I have several times asked for his attainment level to ascertain myself what his progress has been.
    Keep persevering... they ( kiddies) need us to

  • nicolanicola Member

    Lewis is not improving if anything seems to b regressing in certain areas we are currently going through a ehc plan with a view to transfer to a special needs school as current school can't meet his needs as he has not made any progress in 2 years still at reception level can't read write spell etc can't form full worded sentence but we love him and doing all we can to build confidence in him xx

  • I have 6 year old twin daughters without a diagnosis. They have an overall developmental delay as well as speech and language difficulties. We live in the Netherlands where they attend a Dutch speaking special school they love. We are considering moving back to England wondering if focusing on one language will help their progress. I have no idea where to start finding a suitable school. Does anyone have experience or advice?

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    Hi @Carol

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