Stress and tired

My daughter and son is the world to me but sometimes a break is needed. My daughter is deaf and is mentally delayed and can't walk yet. Get no help from the team around her or even family and I absolutely knacked


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    Hello @julie83 thanks for checking in and sharing your feelings here. I hope you are feeling less knackered today. Feel free to write more and hopefully other parents and carers will connect with you. If you have any questions about how best to use this online community, please feel free to ask. Thanks again for your contribution @Alex_CAF_mod

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    @julie83 just a thought but you might want to introduce yourself in the "Introductions - meet other families" section. If you need help finding it, do let us know, best wishes @Alex_CAF_mod

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    Hi @julie83 I know exactly how you feel, as I feel the same I don't have any family that can help me. I'm a single mum and my youngest son has Autism, I worry so much about him. I just do my best and keep on going.

  • Can you not ask for a carers assessment with the view to some much need respite hours for yourself? even if it's just the one evening a week? x

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    Hi @Sky and @julie83 - we hope you are ok. Have you had a carer's assessment as heidijemma suggests?

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