Joining the justice!

Hi all
I have a wonderful family of 4 boys!!aarrgh. My youngest is 7 with complex medical issues, although we have multiple diagnoses we are still being investigated for an overall diagnosis causing his complex mix of issues/disorders/impairments. He has sleep apnoea with cpap, s&l (stil under salt) involving both phonics and muscular issues, facial assymetry with reduced muscular movement to left side, it continues with developmental delay, dyspraxia and only recently after 4 years of schooling diagnosed with dyslexia. ( up to 2 years behind) We see a varied group of med proffesionals from oxford, Bristol, exeter and locally in cornwall- he is a little mystery and if that's not enough he has fatigue and muscular pains and hyper mobile upper limbs. He struggles daily with functionality and the world around him with little danger awareness... and no EHCP!!!
Please tell me why do schools always think its about them and parents just enjoy battling....
I hate having to battle for his fundamental human rights, this is about our children getting the most appropriate support to allow them to progress (arrgh i said that the educational buzz word!!) and achieve the best they can with equal opportunities. It is a sad state of affairs even with high rate DLA, 13 health professionals/support workers he apparently dosent fill criteria to have assessment-?not how im reading the SEN policy!!


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