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My son has extensive complex issues yet he is sooo happy or just recently
( not sure if its age (nearly 8, but more 6!) or frustration) he struggles to articulate his needs but as he dosent say ought they thing its ok for him to cope, yet he comes home like a raging bull sometimes... he must be so confused


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    hi @freckles sounds like you have your hands full at home with your little boy and yes, must be very frustrating for you and for him too. Does anyone have any suggestions or experiences they can share with @freckles ?

  • Can he use any visuals to help express himself? Or PECS
    I do think 8 is a turning point for behaviour for some reason in a lot of cases, Some children seem to understand there more complex than there peers especially in mainstream where earlier it didn't bother them.
    Having sometime to download or quiet time at the end of the day is a idea so any "worries" can be addressed at school and not brought home it also shows a true line between school and home.
    Frustration for kids with communication difficulties often comes out in behaviours. x

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    Hi @heidijemma - thank you for your support for @freckles - we really appreciate you sharing your experience!

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