Need advice and support on autism

Hi my name is ann from northern ireland, i have 3 wonderful kids and my youngest son is 4 and recently been diagnosed with non verbal autism. He currently attends a nursery in a special needs school and now has a statement so will continue primary school there. This is all very new for me joing an online support group. We dont have a great support network as people don't understand my son and what were going through. He receives therapies in school and thats it. Me and my partner r a bit stuck because we dont know anyone with an autistic child and dont really know were to turn for support. Looking forward to hearing from you all xx


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    Hi Annrc85 welcome to our online support group. You sound as though you have your hands full. You can join our Autism group, where you can link up with other parents, just click on the condition groups tab at the top of the page. Have you tried searching autism (in the search bar of the community home page) that will also give you a link to other parents.
    We hope this helps
    Take care
    Alex (Contact a Family)

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