Hi my lg is 5 and we are going through the process of her being diagnosed with dyspraxia. She is having really bad meltdowns, where she gets so angry that she can't control it. Is there anyone who has experience with this or any advice? Thankyou x


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    Hi @gem29 and welcome to the community. We hope that you find it helpful and that other parents will share their experiences with you. In the meantime you might like to have a look at our information on behaviour - and our information on dyspraxia -
    Take care
    Alex (Contact a Family)

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    My boy is nearly 5 and diagnosed with ASD. When it comes to meltdowns they are very hard to witness and handle but my best advice is firstly to make sure they are safe, move anything in the room that they could pick up or hurt themselves with, and move anyone else away too, as during meltdowns they will not care of they hurt themselves or others are they have become so overwhelmed that they no longer think properly. With my boy, once I have made sure he is safe I then stay back and leave him to calm down on his own, can take 5 mins or twenty five mins and it's heartbreaking to do but if I try to talk to him or touch him it makes it worse. This is just my advice on meltdowns, I know other mums that just hold their children to calm them down, it all depends on the child, and you know your child best.
    Hope this little bit of advice helps in any way, but definitely give the helpline a call as they will help you

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