What information have you had about life after school?

Some? Loads? None? We'd really like to know what information you've been given to help you prepare for leaving school, and how useful it's been.


  • None. My daughter has selective mutism, learning difficulties and mental health issues. The college closed so she is now on the scrap heap. They told me she could volunteer in a local charity shop. Apart from that she now can sit at home 7 days a week. Staffordshire County council are a joke I asked them to update her to an ehcp before she finished college we are still waiting. I just do not know what I can do with her.

  • Hello slingerra, welcome to the online discussion and thank you for telling us a bit about your situation. I'm sorry the college closed and you and your daughter have been left feeling there aren't any other options. You don't say how old she is or if she has a specific diagnosis? Some organisations, for example the National Autistic Society, can give you information and advice over the phone or by email, so that could be worth checking. There can be different ways of learning in the community once someone has left school - maybe by distance learning or training. Your nearest Job Centre or Citizens' Advice Bureau might be able to suggest where you could find out more. They might also be able to suggest volunteering opportunities that interest her more than working in a charity shop - you're right, of course it can be worthwhile, but it's not everyone's cup of tea! If you want, you could tell us what might interest your daughter and perhaps other parents may be able to suggest some ideas for you to think about. She's been in college, so has been managing well, so I hope you can find the right next step.

  • She is 19 she didn't cope very well at college she was upset everyday when I picked her up. Her main condition is selective mutism so she doesn't communicate with anyone she doesn't know and on a bad day she doesn't communicate with me. Thankyou for your suggestions I had wondered if citizens advice might help I will give them a try. It is very frustrating as I know other children who went to the college with her have been given placements at another college nearby. She was less able than them as they use public transport to get to college my daughter could not use the bus as she doesn't communicate properly and can't handle money. Thanks again.

  • Hi slingerra, good luck with the Citizens Advice Bureau! I wondered if you'd also like to try calling our own helpline here at Contact? The number is 0808 808 3555. It sounds like support for you in building her confidence and independence could be useful, as well as finding the next step for her. The helpline advisers will have some suggestions of places you might try. Good luck and let us know how you get on.

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