Teenager with Cerebral Palsy

Hullo Everyone, I'm new and this is my first posting. My son Stephen (just turned 15) has Cerebral Palsy (spastic quadriplegic) but is on the mild end of the spectrum. He attends a mainstream secondary school but has difficulties integrating largely due to his speech impediment. I'd stress that the other kids at the school are lovely, Stephen tends to isolate himself as he's embarrassed and the other kids being teenagers aren't going to wait around having mobile phones and iPads to attend to. We are also at the stage where the realities of CP are starting to hit Stephen. It's bad enough being a teenager but he gets increasingly frustrated with his speech and angry that he has the condition. I'm really looking for guidance as to how I can best guide him through. Yes he has CP which needs faced but I'd also like to try and build up his self esteem and confidence, a difficult ask for any teenager. Many thanks.
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