Severe behaviour problems

My son was diagnosed with Becker muscular dystrophy at the age of 3, He has always showed challenging behaviour but as he has got older the behavior side is worse than ever, he has other complex needs, which they associate with muscular dystrophy, because of lack of dystrophin to the brain.  He has no social skills, he has always been challenging, everything is done on a plan, we go the same direction everyday, he hates changes, it makes the behaviour worse, his bedroom everything has to be done a certain way, everything is put back the way he likes it, he has no concept on clothing, he would wear any type of clothing regardless.  of weather, so everything has to be laid out for him, He is under a few different consultants, I have manage to get him in with healthy minds but sadly it isn't until January, I think it may do him good, as he doesn't show emontions, I ask if he has had a nice day, he kicks of he doesn't understand it's nice to be nice, he has dark thoughts, not suicide, but when you ask him what he would like to do when he leaves school, he answers I don't know, I live each day as it comes, these shouldn't be the thoughts of a young lad, his behaviour is unacceptable, his language is disgusting, I'm just up against a brick wall at the minute, I've managed to get him a councoller who will speak with him about his muscular dystrophy, and how he is feeling etc etc, but sadly this isn't until end of October, anyone got any wise words please, that may help.

Thanks in advance 


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