Hello  so pleased I found this site it's settled my head already  
Sorry to waffle on if I do, but it's long story  
My dd has been having medical issues since birth  mainly allergies to food nuts and animals..
She wasn't like her peers very forward and willful and very tiring..
From year 1 we started having issues regarding friends and this was ongoing including now, she would have tantrums over slightest thing and still happens today..
In primary school allthough friend issues she was bright academically and had 100 attendance one term then 95 for other terms as she often got ill and picked up everything going.
In year 2 a teacher mentioned thar she should have a senco or something  however the teacher left nothing else was said  I found out about local support worker who helped with adhd diagnosis  as I was aware of her behaviour wasn't like others  He said she should be assessed  however I felt it would not help her really and see how she goes . 
She started having anxiety regarding costumes and stop doing gymnastics dance and swimming. 
The friend ship issue intensified including playground mum bullying and mums getting involved and kids be friends again stuff..

She started high school aged 11, and this is where things went wrong 
 Within 2 months at high in year 7 I was called into school, they noticed she was self harming. I was already on the list for one point /map, however school pastoral and doctor did referral to camhs..
She was on wait list for 9 months before being assessed and another 6 months from then  
She started getting real bad tummy pains and was seen at hospital a&e and diagnosed as mesenteric adenitis  
Year 8 things became worse socially and self harm and voices and hallunation started  She began seeing someone at camhs, was about 6 weeks later before the psychology lady started properly talking to her  we saw phycharist after a few months and after a year of nothing working asked for her to be assessed for aspergers .
Skip few years of nightmare stuff and camhs discharged her and put her on medication for 3 months  because didn't stop her voices they said can't stay on them.this was earlier this year and since then the school took steps for court on attendance, and was OK until last week dd got her mesenteric adenitis. And then broke down Sunday saying can't cope  rather die than go school 
So yesterday rang gp and he said will see her Thursday for referral back to youth team  and agreed needed this week off and said will write a letter  
This morning I had call from the safeguarding lady from school and what she said totaly upset me  she said hannah problems looked like being prefabricated, and I had lied about her being ill then mention munchausen by poxy! 
I was taken back by this comment and said I can't believe you say this.
So I did research on help with dd and advice came across this site  I have missed lots out  she had autism assessment but had traits of aspergers but not enough for diagnosis  
Dd has no friends left now in year 10, playing up at school  actually doing more work at home  Holidays and weekends and after school doesn't see peers as literally isolated herself now, spent 6weeks holidays in everyday wouldn't go out! 
Sorry for long post  been so much and sadly lot more than already said  


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