Brand newbie saying hi

Hi everyone,
I'm totally new to this. My son is aged 11, and I guess i've been in denial for many years. So now that he's started secondary there's no hiding the fact that my son has learning difficulties. He has always been dreamy, and often difficult to communicate with as is miles away often. His memory is pretty bad and I need to support him a lot with remembering things, it does bother him a lot. Mainly his sensory processing is just so slow and he has been getting so many 'supervised revisions' e.g. not doing well on daily tests from homework the night before and it's becoming apparent that this is unusual since it should have settled by now (started last September). I had a meeting with the school today and they were very understanding and will start to involve SENCO as he just can't complete tests in the same time as other children. 

A friend of mine having a bipolar episode starting ranting about him having learning difficulties and I guess it came as a shock, even though I kind of knew it for many years.. that must sound strange! I guess it has been the elephant in the room..

I'm a bag of grief at the moment. I feel so upset, I feel like i've let him down for not being understanding in the past, and have taken it to be choice of not listening at times. I feel guilty over my messy pregnancy, where I was deserted by my son's father and had a breakdown, and I think of how that could be a major factor in all this. I feel awful and I don't know who to turn to as my mother is too difficult a person to speak with.

Anyway, I guess I'm downloading, so sorry for that, but just wanted to reach out and hopefully speak to someone here that might understand.

M x


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