New born granddaughter have seizures

this is my first post and I’m not even sure what to do, but I’m looking for help and advice, my granddaughter was born on 03/04 and has been having seizures ever since, the doctors have no idea at the moment of the course and are struggling to control them , it seems unresponsive to medication, has anyone ever heard of anything like this before? 


  • eyes79eyes79 Member
    My daughter has an epilepsy that is called prydioxine dependant epilepsy she has to take prydioxine every for the rest of her life now but it stops the seizures. I'm hoping they have figured out how to help your grand daughter by the time I'm writing this but thought I would write it anyway just incase it could help as other medications didn't seem to help my daughter until they gave her this wishing your gran daughter well xx
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