Help me please

Hi everyone.

I really need help on what to do.

Firstly I have a 7 yr old son who has autism. Well hes 8 in 2 months.

He was diagnosed in May 2015 and was currently attending nursery setting.

This is a question about education.

He started reception in September 2015

In October 2015 after numerous visits off a EARLY YEARS SENIT, STARS team, SENCO and new class teachers they finalist a report.

Please read this properly as i need help.


Also I have EYFFI early years fundinding for inclusion.

Yr 1 and 2 came round and all I get is target sheets that says sen support plan at the top.

WI'vee are now yr 3 n ive received 1 support plan target sheet all year.

My son is really struggling and the SENCO has put it off and off. They havnt applied for extra funding all these years as they stated to me, they are worried that L.A. will come out and lower it to where he could get nothing. They have All said he needs more help but not enough funding. The previous SENCO has quit because she couldn't handle everything. A new SENCO is in and with the lead practioner they are staying in paper my boy is doing amazing but told me by voice hes not.

Be aware though that hes doing that fantastic they've had to make a referal back to STARS. And bring his speech therapist back In, as they was trying to save on money and putting there hand in there pocket. Baring in mind, his funding award was to have speech and language every 2 weeks. They removed all his things off him due to lack of funding I.e. workstation in quiet area, intensive interaction, time out tent, fidget toys, they taken his TA off him from having one full time in reception to yr 3 having her half an hour, they removed visual timetable and award charts, visual cue cards. But now referral has been made to stars, all these things they removed are slowly to creep back in. They will not admit they were wrong n he needs help. It will be bad name for their school. I can't prove nothing either evan tho ive documented everything they've said. My word is nothing unfortunately. He's to be dragged to school, meltdowns, self harming his hands and small violence to me. All due to him hating school. He's now stimming too.

So the help I need is...

I believe he needs an EHC plan.

School and SENCO will pretend that he's fine and will not help. He will not cope in main stream high school as he's struggling now at primary. The old SENCO before quitting said she would help get him into a autism school but now she's quit I dont no what the new one will do.

Help... I'm not very clued up on paperwork and big words etc ECT and rights.

What does my son currently have? Support plan, IEP, or due to the new act law will it be a EHCP or have they not bothered to transfer. I really don't understand. How do i go about get a EHCP.?

They no I'm not very brainy but i have a friend who's helped me understand loads. She also has autism child same school. Please somebody help me....

Can't wait to here from you all


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