Care plan whilst in transition

Hello. I just wondered if anyone had any advice. My daughter is now 16 and she has gone from the children with disabilities team to the young Adults Team for her social care support.
Her current care plan forms part of her EHCP.
On Friday one of the social workers (not our named one) told me that now her care plan is under review her old one did not stand. Yet I’m sure I have read that until a new care plan is in place the old one is valid.
Does anyone have any idea who is correct? Thank you


  • FennoFenno Member, Community Moderator
    Hi WheelieMum 
    My name is Angie, I work at Contact. 
    Contact has a helpline that is open throughout August, if you want to get in touch about your social care question. You can call 0808 808 3555, or email [email protected] 
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