Cerebal Palsy

Hi, I'm new to this and I'm looking for a bit of advice. We have a daughter of 3 years old who suffers with Cerbal Palsy. My daughter really dislikes sleeping in her own bed and when she is placed onto a bed with out me or her mother she panics and locks up and hysterically cries, I just wondered if any one else had experienced this? Also, potty training. We have been told our daughter like most people with cerebal palsy may never be able to be potty trained, does any one know if this is true and if it isn't does anyone have any tips. 

Many Thanks 


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    Hi Callum - welcome to the Community. 
    My name is Angie and I work at Contact. I hope that others here can share their experiences and tips.

    Just letting ou know that Contact has lots of information about sleep, and toilet training on our website:
    Where you can download a copy of the Contact Parent guide: Helping your child sleep [PDF]

    You may want to request a copy of the Contact Helpful Guide:

    I hope these the links are useful. 

    Bye for now. 
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    Hi Callum, This is quite a while after your question, but I just had to answer. Sleep challenges have very much been part of my daughters life and we have tried everything, behavioural modification, medications, Positioning, environmental changes, routines, Homeopathy, sleepy food even! With no Consistent success. During covid shielding I have resorted to sleeping on the bathroom floor, as we normally have a night Carer 3 nights a week, and we no respite or school, it is easier, and saner to stay in with her, than battle every night and go up and down the stairs. Re “potty” training, for a long time I was telling the professionals that my dg was holding her urine and then going in one big amount and only having her bowels open when in bed under covers. Finally they gave me a toileting chair, for home and school, with all the support her body needs, and she can wee when requested into the toilet. She still wears pads, as it is a challenge to toilet as often as required and she has yet to proactively ask. The other challenge is when out and about, few places have hoist facilities and toilet seats to fit her. The challenge is not her ability, it is the environment, as with so many things with our kids. 
    Good luck, and never say never.
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