ech and funding

I was wondering if anyone can tell me about banding and funds and whether that is for mainstream or special school


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    Hi lottie

    Banding can apply to mainstream and special. It is a way for local authorities in England allocate levels of top-up funding for SEN provision for children/young people with EHC plans and on those receiving SEN support. The LA may use banding to help decide which schools receive additional 'top up' resources. This is often called the 'high needs block or 'high needs funding'. 

    If a mainstream school, nursery or college needs more resources than are available out of their inital funding, they can request a third element – a ‘top-up’ - from the LA’s high needs block.

    Special schools often get most or all of it’s funding from the high needs block. If they need more resource, then they can also request extra ‘top-up’ again out of the high needs block.

    I hope that helps, SEND funding is complicated!

    Your local authority local offer website may include information about banding and how they make decisions on allocating high needs funding in your area.   

    Bye for now. 


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