11 yr old Type 1 Diabetic Insulin Dependent

Hi, my son is 11 and was diagnosed as Type 1 Diabetic in 2015, he has always struggled with his diagnosis and asks why he can’t have his old life back and has recently become very angry and physically violent towards his siblings who are both actually older 16 and 22. He is struggling in school and requires extra support which is not being provided I applied for a ECHP but an assessment was refused so I’m currently in the process of seeking a review with support to have this done. Does anybody have any experience of mood swings and challenging behaviour for diabetic children especially if they’re going through adolescence? Any comments, support, advice would be appreciated I’m a Newbie looking for support as I feel as though no one understands the constant worry I go through everyday, the anxiety I feel Incase the phone rings when he’s at school to say he’s suffering with hypoglycaemia or hyperglycaemia and needs medical attention. He was recently admitted to hospital with DKA and was in the HDU so the last month has been very stressful.


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