Young male with XYY

My son is 18.  Whilst pregnant, he was diagnosed as having XYY.   Throughout his school life he has struggled to make friends,  others I think tolerated him rather than befriended him.  At each change of education,  primary to secondary,  secondary to college we have told him that a new environment will make the difference and he will find friends.  This has never happened to the point the opposite happened in college and he was verbally bullied by a group of others because of his inability to pick up on what we would class as normal social cues.   To look at he is completely normal,  doesn't have any learning difficulties (the opposite in fact when it comes to maths).  His problems manifest in social interaction with others but are sometimes so subtle that if you didn't know he was XYY would come to the conclusion that he is 'strange'.  We haven't looked for any support as yet,  but his differences are now, we feel affecting him in both his social life and ability to secure a job.   I am about to progress with our GP to see whether he can be checked and go through the diagnosis process to see if he is autistic.

 This is having a detrimental affect as I now think its affecting his mental health.  Does anybody have any experience and help with pointing us/him to some support? 


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    Welcome to the community. Hopefully some other parents will share their experiences with you soon. In the meantime you might want to check out Unique, a charity who support families affected by rare chromosome conditions. They can provide lots of information and support, you can find out more on their website -

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