Cyclical vomiting syndrome

Hi my daughter suffers with CVS
shes 18 and a half and has had it for 2 years
anyone else out there with the same problem 


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    Welcome to the Community, I hope you find information and support from parents and carers here.
    You may want to add a post to the conditions chat board too. 

    Bye for now. 

    Chris (Contcat)

  • Hi, I see this comment is quite old so hope you found some answers.  My daughter is being investigated for this they have put her on Odansetron and it has stopped the sickness. 
  • Hi
    My 11year old daughter has been diagnosed with CVS in January 2020, so far this year we have had 5 hospital addmissions. 
    Medication she is currently taking are Propananol 20mg, Omeprazole 20mg, Loratidine 10mg & Ondansatron 4mg at the onset of an episode.

    We tried Amitriptalyn for five months, she gained over 13kg & the mood swings became unbarable, so we are now on Propananol.

    We are in North Essex & she is under an amazing team at Colchester hospital.
  • We had similar all meds stopped working after a few weeks and it was put down to anxiety.  Feeling sick when anxious then being sick and then being anxious about being sick.   

    They put her on risperidone (she is also autistic) and its stopped for 3 months now (fingers crossed/touch wood it wont start again).

    Hope you get some relief as much as it is terrible for the child it also is terrible for the family put me off my food several times and then exhuastion, cleaning need I say more.  feel free to message me
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