Emotional Wellbeing in Parents of Disabled Children

I'm a Parent Carer and Counselling Psychologist researching Emotional Wellbeing in Parents of a Child with a Learning and/or Developmental Disability.  

I'm interested to learn how Parent Carers look after their own emotional wellbeing despite additional pressures and challenges. I want to learn what helps and hinders parents' wellbeing with the aim of sharing anonymous, generic findings with professionals and organisations that may influence policy, funding and services as well as helping other parents. 

The research involves an interview of around 1 hour, either face to face (we can meet at either Contact's or Mencap's offices in London) or online via Zoom or Skype, where I will ask you several questions about how you look after your emotional wellbeing.

If you are a parent of a child:

i) who is 11 or under with a learning (i.e. global developmental delay) and/ or developmental disability (i.e. autism)

ii) who received their diagnosis at least 2 years ago

iii) and would be interested in sharing your experience of how you look after your emotional wellbeing 

Please do get in touch. 

Please read here for more information https://www.affinityhub.uk/8/Research.html

Please email me for more information or if you have any questions through the website www.affinityhub.uk or on [email protected]@gmail.co.uk  

Many thanks

Jo Griffin
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