New round here

Hi, guys.  Just discovered this site, seeking other people who've dealt with similar problems.
Have a 16 year old grandson living with us, he's SEN (at an appropriate school) and behaves well there.  He's got ADD, ODD, developmental and educational delays, and a low IQ (about 50) 

He's got to the stage where he wants to discover sex, and believes he is gay...  Very awkward to deal with a teenager who has a mental age of about 8, and wants to have sex, no?  I wouldn't encourage a child who is actually 8 to have sex,  because they simply aren't sufficiently mature... A 16 year old with the mind of an 8 year old?

Today I found a wide selection of gay images on my 'phone (I give him my password, partly to demonstrate trust, partly in case I'm ever incapacitated in a car crash, or due to a heart attack)  I'd not like him to be unable to call help if he were stuck in the car after a crash.  I've had to put on a new password and spend some time with my ISP (they'd locked me out of my account)  Fortunately??? his spelling in his searches identifies him...


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