PIP Application - we got refused!

Hello, My son has been on DLA since he was 10 years old for ADD - now that he has turned 16 years old we had to apply for PIP and his DLA has been cancelled. I completed the questionnaire and attended the interview with him, the whole process was so stressful and I was full of worry about how he would manage the interview etc, but he remained calm and we got through it. Anyway, the decision came back and he has been refused PIP - I am so angry and upset...… I need to appeal the decision and was wondering if anyone had any tips or advice?  Its so silly, for example, she asked him if he could cook a meal - which he said no too (he becomes distracted and leaves things to burn, and on occasion nearly set my kitchen on fire), she then said can you make a sandwich..... he said he normally gets a round of bread, puts honey in the middle and eats that - so he therefore has been recorded as being able to feed himself - even though there is no preparation or nutrition involved...… ?? So no points there.....

He studies A-Levels at school, but says that he doesn't learn anything in class, as they are going too fast for him and he looses concentration, so I pay for private tutors in his subjects to help him at home - this costs me a small fortune. I believe he struggles because of his ADD, but they never took this into consideration either...… 

Please help....
Many thanks


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    Welcome to the Community! 

    I hear your anger and  understand your disappointment on receiving the decision, as the process is really stressful.  I hope that other parents will share their experiences here and offer some community support to help you through.  

    Yes, you can appeal the decision to refuse PIP.  Your son (or you if you are their appointee) can ask the DWP to look at the decision they made again. This is known as a ‘mandatory reconsideration’. You can do this over the telephone or in writing but you must do this within one month of the date of the decision, as late requests may only be accepted in limited circumstances.

    You need to go through this stage before you can appeal to the tribunal. Another DWP decision maker will then have a fresh look at your son’s case and give you a new decision in writing. Once they have made a decision on your reconsideration request, the DWP will send you two mandatory reconsideration notices in the post. One is your copy, the other is to send to the Courts and Tribunal service if they do not change the decision and you need to appeal.

    Our helpline does not offer a casework service or representation at tribunal appeals, but you could talk your next steps through with a helpline parent adviser. They may then suggest a call back telephone appointment with the family finance team. You can find out more about our helpline here: https://contact.org.uk/advice-and-support/our-helpline/

    A useful guide to appealing PIP is avaiable from AdviceNow: https://www.advicenow.org.uk/advicenow-guides

    Take care Joshmum.

    Bye for now. 

    Chris (Contact)
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