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  • Anyone on here have challenges with your autistic child having 'meltdowns'?

  • Welcome @MelBic - you might find it helpful to set up a new discussion in this section and give it a title like 'meltdowns' - that means that when new people go to the section, they can see what your question is about immediately. Just click on 'Development, communication and behaviour' and then 'New discussion'.
    Take good care,
    Alex (CAF Mod)

  • Anyone have problems getting their child into school every day?

  • Chris_ContactChris_Contact Community Manager
    edited January 9

    Hi and welcome to the community @piscesmom.

    Hopefully there will be other members with the same issues along to chat soon. If not, maybe try posting your message in the Anything goes - genreal chat section instead.

    Any questions in the meantime, feel free to drop me a message and I'll be happy to help.


  • Anyone elses child suffer from ADHD and odd feel like it's a constant battle zone waiting on a diagnosis he's constantly in trouble at school would be good to chat to someone going through the same thing :)
  • Hi @sammylou

    Sorry to hear you are facing the challenges you are with waiting for a diagnosis and with issues at school.

    You might get more response from members going through similar issues or who have in the past if you post this in our specific ADHD group too.

    Hope someone comes along soon to share their own experiences.

    Take care

    Alex (Contact)

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