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Dear Group ,

i have a severally disabled daughter and have been receiving very less or sometimes no services from social services , community health team and my GP. i have been struggling with this situation and can not see any alternative solution for it . Please do let me if you have any advice or source to help me.


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    Hi @aemal_joya and welcome to the community. So sorry you have been receiving very little support - it sounds really hard. Where do you live? Hopefully other community members will have some suggestions about what has worked for them - we are just launching and promoting the community at the moment so you should start to see more people on here soon.
    In the meantime, you might find it helpful to call our helpline - they may have some further suggestions. The number is 0808 808 3555.
    We also wanted to suggest that you do not share your email and phone number publically - this isn't always safe. It might be a good idea to delete them from the public post and share them privately when people get in touch. You can edit your post by clicking on the little cog in the top right hand corner.
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    Hi again @aemal_joya - as we haven't heard from you we've hidden your personal info from your post for your safety.
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  • It's difficult sometimes just to try and understand we still havnt had a needs assessment yet under 13 professionals!! Its little man thats being let down, missing out on potentially so many out of school opportunities and help.

  • Hi, it beggars belief at times with all these wonderful new acts and laws yet we are still failing at the first hurdle in securing basic needs.
    Have you had needs assessments etc
    Not sure what area you are in but in the south west we have early help hub, miltiagency team funded by LA (dosent stop them failing though) i assume you het DLA for daughter as this is good start point for basic needs, then and always first complain officially to you LA only then bombard your local mp and seek their help. It can go for ever, im still fighting for what i dont know anymore as all support workwrs and health professionals agree with me yet school still the ones pulling the strings and failing big time- try above if not already get advise fm childrenslaw service, they're very good x keep battling

  • I do think it's a postcode lottery any services from social services sadly and very much can depend on who shouts the loudest at times especially if your child hasn't got a condition which "ticks the boxes".
    Have you had a full assessment of need done? This they have to carry out, If the out come was no provision then you can take it to appeal and higher. Good Luck x

  • Hi there,
    I have a son who has asd. He has now been out of education for the last six months and after a mediation with LA it looks like another six by the time we get the ehcp and a school. The hole system is a joke. My son is six and has no friends.....due to the fact that not many people understand him. They have offered us a pupil referral centre...Why are our children getting a second class service......

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