• Hi, I am new to this chat community. My name is Wasema Khan from London(Hillingdon Borough). My son has been diagnosed with ASD a weak ago. I would like to know if any one can help me understand how to get a EHC plan for him. He has started his nursery this Sep 2018, the school said they will observe him untill Spring 2019 to apply for EHC plan. Please help.
    Many Thanks
  • Hi everyone, I'm sue from liverpool .I have 2 children . Eldest 8 who has Asd, youngest 2. Both possibly got ADHD and eldest is waiting for assessment .
    I'm a single mum, no family support so manage the children between myself and current partner who is youngest dad. We all live together and find it difficult to live in a house where we can't really function properly given lack of space that everyone needs. I'm looking to speak or share any advice information regarding behaviours techniques and how other people manage in various situations regarding our children.  
  • Hi I'm Emma from the north east of England, I have a girl age 10yrs she was born 4 weeks early with pulmonary hypertension of the lungs and required ECMO wich we think resulted in her having a stroke probably around 4 days old, she now has a diagnosis of mild unilateral spastic cerebral palsy with mainly effects the right side of her body, she also has a diagnosis of moderate learning disabilty, ADHD, sensory integration and is awaiting assessment for asd, I have 3 step kids from my partner's previous relationship 2 girls age 9 and 5 and one boy aged 7, I'd love to find some friendships penpals as throughout the years  having a disabled child has isolated me I find it very difficult making friends when taking my daughter out because all of my energy and time goes on her, she can't sit still for very long and needs shadowing all of the time, she has no awareness of danger or strangers she  also attends a special school so gets picked up by taxi so don't get to meet other mums.
  • Dear Emma

    Very much in the same boat with 4 kids!

    Feel free to write me at [email protected]

    Best wishes
  • Hi. My daughter has had recurrent fractures in her feet for the last year. She is 13yrs old and really struggling with pain.  Has paracetamol for pain and crutches. Hospital suggested a wheelchair for bad days, but school not happy with it. As we have no idea what the problem is, we are getting a bit frustrated. Got rheumatology appointment on Friday and then orthopedic specialist on 12th April. Also have 17yr old son with autism who is being a superstar right now. Might need you guys for a bit of support! 
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    Hiya ..my son is two has severe pharyngomalaica , sleep apena and development delays would like too know if anyone has the same illness or advice x
  • Hello group. am so happy to finally get where i belong. where i can also share my experiences to those that will not lough  and disown me thinking i committed a sin and therefore suffering for what i did..kindly don't disown me also since am from Uganda.allow me be part of your group and learn alot from u. my daughter was born well. at six months, she got  stroke and doctor said it was stroke for kids. he said there was nothing much to do but to put her on physiotherapy. she lost sight, she cant sit by her self,always in a wheel chair,she cant touch any thing, basically she cant support her self. her eyes look very normal and she looks healthy when u look at her in her wheel chair.doctors say her condition  can be medically treated but we don't have the facilities for such conditions in Uganda. that the only problem is on her brain. she is now 10 years. but we feed her and dress her in pampers. she cant walk or stand  also. am happy to find this online community. kindly encourage me and allow me remain in the group  although i might be outside the desired category by continent. i work with Uganda Law Reform Commission in kampala and not a self seeker for sure but a young lady seeking for group to belong to. for advice.. and always available on line on all the working days except weekends. i will be happy to receive all the advice as far as bettering the condition of my daughter is concerned. stay safe.
  • I am actually Tracy's mother. although  by mistake i registered it as my user name. my name is miria.i have started feeling that i am not alone  with a child who has challenges after reading some stories from the other mothers.lets keep together in prayer because i believe that with God everything is possible.

  • Nick said:

    Hi all, I'm Nick from Bristol, a single dad living with my 12 year old daughter who has cerebral palsy (all four limbs), visual impairment, severe learning difficulties, epilepsy, heart abnormalities and is also non verbal. I don't have any family anywhere near and only a couple of friends who i don't see very often so it would be nice to make some online friends. Hope to see you on the boards :)

    Dont worry. keep loving the girl fully as its the only gift u can give as a father. u are not alone in that situation

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