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Hi everyone, sorry to start shiny new forum on a down note! Having trouble fighting school funding cuts for post 16. Wondered if anyone else was facing uncertainty about full time school. The government class full time as 600hrs per year (3 days a week) and the same rule applys to severely disabled children who of course need more input than this. So thought I'd start the ball rolling with this cheery news!


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    Hey jaffacake and a huge welcome! No need to apologise, that's what we're here for. We're not officially letting people know about the forum until next week so you might not get many responses this week - but hopefully things will pick up from Monday and others will be adding their thoughts and experiences.
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  • Hi all, I'm going through the EHCP process for my 5year old son at the moment. Does anyone know what the maximum number of 1-1 hours is paid to schools? I'm a bit worried about this as someone said it's a maximum of 10hours per week, and my son needs 1-1 for his whole school day at the moment. Any advice from you will be appreciated, thanks, Mary

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    Hi @sweetoks - sorry you haven't had any responses yet - the community is quite new and we haven't officially launched yet. You might find it helpful to give our helpline a call if you haven't done so already - they may be able to give you some more information - 0808 808 3555

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  • Hi we are currently in the process of reviewing my 15 year old sons ehcp. We have looked at two colleges for next year but the courses are only 15 hours per week. My son currently has 25 hours of support on his plan which i do not want to lose. I am going to ask the LEA to help me find maybe work experience or some other training for the remaining two days. Has or is anyone going through a similar process and were they successful? I just feel that at sixteen he should still be in education for a full week !! He would have loved to have stayed at his school for sixth form but he will not get high enough grades to do this unfortunately. Any advice would be gladly received. thanks.
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